About Me

My Background

My first love, and first career, was as a public high school teacher in California. Inspired by the philosophy of doctor as teacher, I returned to graduate school and completed my doctorate in naturopathic medicine with a masters in acupuncture and oriental medicine in 2003. In addition to advanced training and certificates in breastfeeding and postpartum mood disorders, I have also trained as a birth doula and Gottman Bringing Baby Home Educator. Since 2008 I have worked supporting women and families with the transition to parenthood in my capacity as a naturopathic doctor, licensed acupuncturist, lactation specialist and parent educator. I have taught classes and led support groups for new parents covering topics such as sleep, low milk supply, relationship issues, and general adjustment in finding a “new normal”. After a 4-year stint living and traveling in Southeast Asia, I returned to Seattle in 2019 and pursued advanced training in perinatal mental health. In 2021 I completed an advanced externship in Perinatal Mood Disorders with Perinatal Support Washington and then continued as a staff therapist for an additional year before starting back up my private practice. Currently I am honored to offer my holistic perspective and approach to those seeking support with challenges that may arise pre-conception, pre-birth, post-birth, post-loss and beyond.

My Approach

With my background, I come to this work with an eclectic approach and many different tools in my toolbox. By nature and by training, I look for the root cause in the context of the whole person, including internal and external influences. I approach each person and each interaction with compassion and curiosity. My goal is to create a welcoming space, where you are free to share, discover, process, or just be. You are the expert on your own life and I see my role as a facilitator to your own healing, in whatever form that may take.  Most of the time that will look like talk therapy, but I may pause to ask some physical symptom questions and it may lead to nutritional advice or breastfeeding education. Sometimes the route to healing may involve bodywork or acupuncture. Occasionally it means stopping in the middle of session to do a guided meditation. At times it may mean directing you towards other therapies or approaches, contacting your primary care doctor or even referring out for medication.  At all times, with all approaches, it will only be done with your consent and approval and I will check in with you to see what is working, and what is not. I view our work together as a collaborative effort and will ask you to do the same.