Services and Fees:

First Office Visit:

  • Typically 2 hours, $160
  • Offered at Aditi Yoga and Wellness Studio 4206 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA, US, 98103
  • If appropriate will include breastfeeding observation and advice.
  • During this visit I will take a history,  do applicable physical assessments, and address your concern.
  • Most visits will include some form of treatment, acupuncture, massage, or botanical medicine.

Second Office Visit:

  • Typically 1 hour 15 minutes, $100
  • Follow up on first visit. Review plan, how it is working and make revisions. Address any new or additional concerns. May include an abbreviated breastfeeding observation and/or acupuncture treatment.

Subsequent Visits:

  • Typically 1 hour, $80
  • Focuses mostly on treatment, including acupuncture/bodywork. Continued “fine-tuning” of plan.

Home visits in Seattle area are available for an additional $40.

Lactation and Low Supply Consults

  • 45 minutes, $60
  • A focused visit on ONE specific breastfeeding issue. For example, painful latch, plugged ducts, milk transfer, nipple sensitivity. For low supply issues: the visit can be used to either determine whether or not you have a supply issue OR to come up with an initial plan to address supply issues. If your plan includes returning for treatment, more extensive assessment and recommendations, you will receive 25% off the first office visit.

Insurance Coverage:

  • Due to the unique nature of the services I provide, I collect payment at your visit. This allows me freedom to provide each patient individualized care with a combination of treatment options.
  • I will provide paperwork for you to submit to your insurance company to initiate the reimbursement process.
  • As an “out-of-network” provider, most companies will cover anywhere from 60-90% of the visit cost. Call your insurer to verify your coverage.