About me

  • Naturopathic Doctor, Doctorate from Bastyr University
  • Licensed Acupuncturist, MS in Acupuncture from Bastyr University
  • Advanced Training in Lactation, Certified Lactation Educator
  • Advanced Training and Certificate in Perinatal Mood Disorders
  • Member Postpartum Support International (PSI)
  • Trained birth doula by Seattle Midwifery School
  • Graduate of Bastyr University, Undergrad degree in Biology from University of CA, Davis
  • Former life as public high school science teacher
  • Cloth-diapering, ECing, Co-sleeping, Home-Birthing, Extended Breastfeeding mama to 2 beautiful girls
  • Beyond Birth Seattle founding board member

As soon as my husband and I decided it was time to start our family, I started preparing my body and mind for pregnancy. As soon as I was pregnant, I aimed to maintain a safe, healthy, dare I say pristine, environment for my baby to thrive. By the third trimester, I had done all my research and was obsessed with defining my perfect birth experience. It wasn’t until after the birth of my first child that I realized pregnancy and birth are finite, but being a mother is infinite. I was thus inspired to focus my practice around breastfeeding and post-partum issues.

There is an outpouring of physical, mental and emotional energy that goes into early breastfeeding, not to mention the incredible amount of time. So much uncertainty and anxiety that accompanies being a new mother can be focused around breastfeeding. It is not always easy and natural, and it comes as a shock to many when there are problems. Fathers and partners can also suffer from this intense work of having a newborn and the fluctuating emotions of becoming a parent. I have been helping families since 2008 and never cease to be amazed by their dedication, sacrifice and perseverance. I would be honored to help support you as well.