• Fun with First Foods: A Stress-free Approach to Starting Solids: Come learn about the when, why, what and how of introducing solid foods. We will discuss philosophy of feeding as well as what foods to introduce first, how to prepare baby foods, how to reduce the risk of allergy, and what feeding supplies you’ll need. Recommended age range of babies is 4-6 months or anyone considering starting or struggling with solids. Babies and partners are welcome to attend. 1st Monday, 7pm, every other month.
    • To register: Contact (Private class also available for groups of at least 5.

  • Breastfeeding and Weaning: You may wonder how long you’ll nurse your baby or wonder how you’ll know when it’s time to wean. You may want help putting limits on when or where your toddler breastfeeds. Whether you are looking for insight and encouragement to continue breastfeeding or tips and support to wean, this class is for you. 1st Monday, 7pm, every other month.
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Support Groups:

  • First Weeks: A drop-in group providing parenting support and advice. This class/support group offers an opportunity to discuss infant feeding, sleeping patterns, babywearing, developmental milestones, vaccinations, changing relationships, shifting emotions and predictable challenges in the first twelve weeks. Baby scale available to measure milk intake. Tuesdays 12:30 pm.
  • Combo Feedings: There are many ways to feed your baby. This class will provide information and encouragement to navigate the world of supplemental feedings. Whether you wonder if you have low supply, are struggling to produce enough milk, or your baby has difficulty breastfeeding, this class is for you. Join us with your baby, and even your bottle, to explore the mixed emotions of mixed feedings. 1st  and 3rd Thursdays 10am.
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All classes and support groups held at Aditi Studio in the Wallingford neighborhood. 4206 Stone Way North, Seattle WA